It is all me.

This may come as no surprise but we have moved again… back to land. A farm in the Byron Hinterland.
I can breathe once more.
I have been thinking the past couple of weeks, as we have been settling onto our new farm, how much we have moved over the past 10 years and what that means to me. It certainly brings it’s challenges but more importantly it’s lessons. Lessons about the different ways of life, the different people and places, and about myself.
I have learnt so much about myself over the past few years. About my strengths and weaknesses, my values, what really matters to me, my endless need for stimulation and adventure, and my place...
All this movement has given me the opportunity to see and try new things, work out what I want to keep close and what I need to let go. It has taught me that my home is on the land. On a farm.
I am the rolling mountains. I am the endless green paddocks. I am the laughing kookaburra. I am the sweet cow. I am the howling wind. I am the rich soil. I am the clucking chook. I am the sprouting plant. I am the tall tree. I am the sunset.
It is all me.

Love Tash x

watching cow.JPG
front deck.jpg