An idea was born.

It has been a while since I have been here. I have to admit it takes me a long time to put into words the ideas, feelings or events that I want to share. I am more a talker than a writer! 
Anyway, here goes. 

We have just returned from our summer holiday up north, visiting family and friends. It was so wonderful on so many levels and the perfect place to recharge. Like a friend just said to me, holidays are a wonderful time for clarity and inspiration. That is exactly what happened. 

I read what has now become one of my most favourite books, Fair Food. It's interesting the timing of things sometimes isn't it? I had been pondering for awhile about A Plot in Common and its future.  A Plot in Common was created as a way to give people the opportunity to grow their own food and feel a connection to our farm. It didn't quite work out as I hoped. The people were incredible but what I hadn't considered was the time that would be required and that the location of the farm made it difficult for busy people living out of the area to visit frequently and tend to their garden. I don't regret trying this and haven't completely wiped the model for the future, it will just need to run slightly differently.
So, with this stirring away in the back of my mind and having just finished reading Fair Food, an idea was born!
I want to grow food. I have the land and the ability to grow food. I think I have the market. I started to research CSA models. I started to think really hard about how, what and where. I started to think about my local community and about how to connect and support them. 

This is what I came up with!

This gorgeous thing! 
She is going to be a mobile farm produce van. I am thinking about using her as our farm gate stall and once or twice a week taking her into our local town, Kyneton, and sell my produce. Ben wants  to call her, The Common Goods.
(He comes up with all the cool names.)
I want The Common Goods to be a way to share my produce and also a place for people to come and connect. Possibly swap produce, share ideas, or just sit around and drink coffee! (Ben is keen to bring the coffee.)
The old corner store but mobile.
I am not sure on all the details yet. I have some places in mind for The Common Goods to visit and ways to connect people with each other and really good food. I have also been thinking about a community compost system...

So with all these newborn ideas, I will now be spending a lot of my time out in the garden (Yay!), cleaning out The Common Goods and making the few adjustments to convert her from a chicken van to a mobile farm produce van. I will also be hosting some workshops in our barn over the next few months and then again in spring. 


I decided not to plant out the garden before we went away. The only thing alive are two zucchini plants and some strawberries.

I have a huge job ahead.
I thought out of interest for myself, and for others, that I will closely document this project.
I am hoping this project will be a wonderful success and something that others may want to replicate in their own community. I will attempt to update each step along the way here and on my Instagram feed (aplotincommon). I am looking forward to sharing this with you all and hope to be sharing our farm produce and Ben's coffee with you all very soon! 

Tash x