Intimate. Beautiful. Delicious.

It feels like everything is running at full speed at the moment. A little crazier than usual. 
A good crazy though. 
Pattie and Petite are loving the sunshine and the spring grass. They will be heading next door to meet the bull again in a couple of weeks. 
The chickens have just been moved over under the pine trees, for a little more shade. One chicken is broody and into her second week of sitting. I'm not totally convinced that Boris (rooster) is a sharp shooter, but she seems convinced...

The boar left us a few weeks ago for a new farm and some new ladies. I think he weaved his magic on the black pig, she is HUGE. I will move her into her birthing suite next week. If she conceived on her first cycle she could be having piglets in a couple of weeks. The pink pig looks the same sadly. We will wait a little longer to see if she is pregnant. If she isn't we will have to make a decision what we are going to do with her. 
We have bought in 40 meat birds. They are 3 weeks old now and about to move out of their brood. They are nearly big enough for country air and fresh pasture. 

The garden has been a little neglected lately. We experienced some really hot days a couple of weeks ago and lots of things jus bolted and went straight to seed. I will pull out my kale, rocket, broccoli, and cabbage that went to seed and consider what I will plant for the summer months.


My beets, garlic, beans, peas, sliver beet and berries are looking good despite the neglect. 
Water is a huge factor at the moment. We currently rely on tank water. The winter and spring rains didn't really exist this year and the little we had we didn't catch because we were finishing the house extension and the plumbing wasn't in. We have a dam that is not being used so I am thinking of putting another water tank next to the garden and pumping the water up to the tank and then gravity feed it to the garden. The other possibility is a bore. There is so much to consider in regard to cost, quality and practicality. I need to work something out. 
The workshops have been wonderful.  Intimate. Beautiful. Delicious. 

Intimate. We have kept the numbers of each workshop to a maximum of 10 people. A perfect number for the workshop and our lunch. It has created a personal, intimate atmosphere. 

Beautiful. Ben made some tables from off cuts and old floor boards from the house extension. They completely compliment the gorgeous barn. With these tables, fresh flowers, creative, passionate, interested people, the barn is stunningly beautiful. 

Delicious. Our lunches have been delicious. Farm grown chicken, beef and pork. Farm smoked salmon and bacon. Fresh seasonal vegetables and salads from the garden. Sorbets and ice creams from a local business. Pork sausages and other pork goodness from Jonai farms. All served with local wines. So delicious. 

We all find Intimate. Beautiful. Deliciousness in different ways. I hope you are surrounded by yours.  

Tash xx