I love to grow food.


I started growing food five years ago and now can’t imagine my life without it.  My family and I moved to a farm in central Victoria to have a change of life and to have a go at growing our own food.  Whilst we had never done anything like that before……..and really didn’t know at all what we were doing, after a while we managed to grow most of our own meat and vegetables.  It was the most amazing adventure and we learnt so much and this is where my love of growing food started.


At the end of last year we moved away from the farm for a new change of life in a beachside town in northern NSW.  Whilst we were sad to say goodbye, for me, this is what life is all about - new experiences and adventures.   But I also think that life is not about where you live… it is about how you live - and I want to keep growing.  I want to take what I have learnt about food and growing and bring it to a new place and community.


My name is Tash and ‘a plot in common’ is my story about two of my greatest loves – growing the food I love to eat and the people I meet and the experiences that are created along the way.  I plan to share our new journey here from the complete contrast from growing on a farm……to urban farming.  


Growing, sharing and community - the things we all have in common.

Tash x

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